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A Parent’s Saving Grace to the Nerve-Racking Private School Admission Process

Preschool, Public, and Private School Book Pack

Arriving just in time for the arduous private school application process, The Whitney Guide is pleased to announce The Los Angeles Private School Guide 9th Edition and The Los Angeles Preschool Guide 5th Edition. These much sought after and useful guides, written by Fiona Whitney, a mother of two, are back by popular demand. These schools have been visited and observed first hand, often several times, before a thorough review of the school is written. The reader will get a ‘birds eye view’ of the school through the discerning eyes of a parent. Many of the schools included in the last edition have been re-reviewed and updated.

You will find key, up-to-date information such as tuition prices, application and new family fees; application deadline dates as well as expected parental contributions and involvement.

Fiona Whitney says:

Research has shown, that many a parent has been surprised at the TOTAL cost of the school when they add up all the “extras” and the amount of volunteer hours required after enrolling. These things can really add up, and it’s important to know in advance what you’re really signing up for.

You will find information on the different teaching methods, schools sports programs, and the extracurricular activities they offer your child. You will be told which entrance examination is required for a particular school, and if that school offers financial aid. You will also find exclusive insider information like feeder schools and the best grades to apply for.

Also in this years edition of The LA Private School Guide you will find new schools that were added and information on Charter Schools run by the public school system. There’s information on how to start one and how to get into them. You can read a review of a new charter school opened less than 3 year’s ago, along with a number of other ones than you can explore through one convenient website address. Updated information has been added about LAUSD’s G.A.T.E. and Magnet programs. Some parents may be looking for an alternative to private schools and their ever-increasing tuition costs. Fiona Whitney, through her school guide counseling service can help you with that.

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