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Fiona Whitney was born in London and was educated at two of England’s finest private schools. She moved to Los Angeles right after college and has never looked back! She has brought a lot of her own personal experience living in the world of private schools in England and has successfully created a business in helping parents find the right school for their children.

She has been offering her Private and Public School Consulting Services for over fifteen years and is the author of three books that are updated regularly. She will personalize her service to fit your family’s individual needs. Some families might only need a one-time phone or in-person consultation just to set them in the right direction.Others may wish to retain her concierge services from start to finish or anywhere in between.

Often after having sifted through mountains of materials parents can find themselves even more confused than they were before! There are so many choices, but don’t worry she can help. She can also save you many precious hours by doing a lot of the research herself. With her extensive knowledge of the schools here in Los Angeles, she knows how best to get your questions answered.

Here are some of the ways that Fiona will be able to help you:

  • She will help you understand the various school teaching methods
  • She will help you decide on which method feels right for your family by either talking it through with you or setting up a number of private tours which she will accompany you on
  • She will tell you your best Kindergarten/Elementary/Middle and High School options once she has spent time with you and your child and got to know you.
  • She will discuss public versus private and give you options and advice on how to navigate both
  • She will give you insight into the ‘total’ cost of a private school as there are many hidden costs that you don’t see at first.
  • She will tell you the difference between a charter school, a magnet, a gifted magnet, and a school for advanced studies and how to apply to them and have the best possibility of getting in.
  • She will talk about the realities of commuting to school in this town and different ways there are in getting children to school nowadays as many schools have introduced bus routes.

If you choose to hire her she will help you get into one of LA’s top private schools using her strong sense of instinct and the good relationships she has created with the Admission Heads and Heads of School. Fiona Whitney’s reputation has been built on making good matches.

Relocating Families

Fiona has also become well known for helping families who are relocating from other parts of Los Angeles, California, The US, and indeed the world. If you are a family relocating for business reasons or are not happy at the school you are currently at, don’t despair, as this has become one of Fiona’s specialties. Of course she loves it when you come to her in a timely fashion but she knows how life is and can help place your children in one of Los Angeles’ top private schools (sometimes just weeks before school starts!).

Etiquette Consulting

Fiona is delighted to offer P’s & Q’s – a Modern Manners Course/Kindergarten Readiness program to parents who would like their child to be as prepared as possible for their upcoming playdates and one on one observations. She also offers individual child assessments by a licensed, early childhood psychologist. More information upon request.

Client Reviews

Comments from some of the clients that we have worked with in the past:

“Loved it! Really gave me some guidelines on this long journey! Thank you.”

“I’m very glad I spent the money. It saved us thousands and thousands of dollars since we decided to send our child to our local public school on your recommendation.”

“Wonderfully helpful. My husband and I feel very empowered about the choices for schooling, now and in the future.”

“I could not have done this without your help. When it’s time for our second child to go to school, I will be calling Fiona Whitney again.”

“Please make up a file on our family. We will be contacting you again when we are ready to apply to elementary school.”

“Fiona did an amazing job helping place both our children. She was incredibly patient, insightful and great to work with through the entire process. I couldn’t recommend working with her enough. Thanks again Fiona!”

“We were moving from out of state and consulted with Fiona Whitney.  She told us which schools to consider based on what she learned about our family and children.  She did all the leg work with appointment setting and making sure we got our applications in on time.  She placed our child in the perect school.  We are so happy here all thanks to Fiona.  We highly recommend her.”

“When we moved here from England, we hired Fiona Whitney to help us in our search for the right school for our two children.  She helped set up meetings with the key people at each school, arranged for our interviews, looked over our applications and made sure that we met all the deadlines.  We could not have done this without her.”

“Thank you so much for all of your incredible help, advice and support. You really are the very best. We’re so excited for the girls to start. What an amazing thing you’ve done for us! You’ve taken something so stressful and turned it into a fast, fun adventure with a perfect ending.”

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