The Los Angeles Preschool Guide 8th Edition


Also available in eBook format for Kindle:



  • Reviews of Over 70 of the Top Preschools in the Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Includes schools from the South Bay and Parts of the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys
  • School Location Maps

Dear Parents

My first book gave birth to a darling baby preschool guide and here we are turning six! Keep focused and clear on what it is that you are looking for and read this book with an open mind. You may find that there are schools in here that you never would have considered, but now as you read the review, you may feel more inclined to go visit the school and see for yourself. Please use this book as if it were a school workbook. Don’t worry about writing in it or even tearing out a page or two. I want you to get as much out of it as I put into it. I do hope that this guide will help to illuminate the path that lies ahead.