The Los Angeles Public School Guide 4th Edition


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  • Reviews of Over 60 of the Top Public Elementary Schools in the Greater Los Angeles Area.
  • School Location Map and Information on G.A.T.E., Magnet and Charter School Programs.
  • Useful resources for special education programs.

Dear Parents

I am thrilled that Steve Zimmer agreed to write the foreward to my book. I respect him enormously for all that he does for the LAUSD. Also, my thanks to Andrew Rakos, Director of Admissions at Fountain Day School for his insightful piece.

The idea for this public elementary school book came to me originally as I was struggling with the idea of private versus public education for my own children some years ago. It’s a topic discussed by mum and dad’s everywhere, every day!

Many people wrongly assume that private schools offer way more than public schools. This is not the case. Depending on the public school you choose, your child can get a superior education… at NO COST!!! You just have to do your homework. Hopefully, this book will help you accomplish this as I have picked out what I believe to be over 60 of the top public elementary schools in greater Los Angeles.

Increasing in popularity, Charter and Magnet public schools are getting a lot of attention these days as an alternative to large public elementary schools. These schools tend to have a special educational focus or theme. I have made sure to include some in my book and information on how to get into them.