About Fiona Whitney

Fiona Whitney is known as one of the premier educational consultants in Los Angeles. Born and raised in London, she had the privilege of being educated at some of England’s finest schools. Now a published author, renowned lecturer and academic pioneer, Fiona is a passionate voice for families overwhelmed with options and concerned with their children’s future. Her Los Angeles Private School Guide is considered a must-read for all families.

Her guides to Los Angeles Preschools and Public Elementary Schools have drawn the appreciation of families from all walks of life and backgrounds. Her expertise comes from years of research beginning when, as a mother, she had to navigate the school system for her own children. Her humor and insight puts her families at ease to help find the perfect fit between child, parent and school. She knows just how competitive it is to gain entrance to an excellent private school and she has the know how to get your application to the top of the pile. Fiona offers a bespoke school consultation service that includes a fully rounded school plan to help ensure families gain entrance to the best of the best!

Fiona Whitney

Steps to Success


Placement at a top private school often relies upon a thorough understanding of your families needs.


We offer evaluations for your child to better understand their learning styles.


We help our families through the application process from A-Z or anywhere in between.


We help to ensure that you as parents and your child will be prepared and well received by your top choice schools.

Bespoke Services - The Whitney Guide

Bespoke Services

Meet with Fiona in person or by phone to discuss your educational goals.
A modern manners and school readiness course. We help your child learn to conduct themselves properly and to have good manners as a vital skill necessary for their educational success.
After meeting your child we may suggest certain evaluations be made to better understand how your child learns. This will help us direct you to the right schools.
Fiona will schedule private tours of the school in person or virtually for a more personal experience.
Late to the game? Or have plenty of time. Fiona has gained a stellar reputation in helping families make the move.
That's where the magic happens!

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