Mind Your P’s & Q’s

Modern Manners & School Readiness Course

This course is designed to prepare your child for entering all the top-notch private independent schools. As we all know by now, these schools are highly competitive and the admissions process is rigorous. Schools often accept hundreds of applications for just a handful of spots. Learning to conduct yourself properly and having good manners is a vital skill that can quite often get your child to the “top of the pile”. Mind Your P’s & Q’s gives your child the tools to make sure that they can make the best impression possible.

K-readiness tests are designed to measure a kid’s ability to succeed in an academic setting in a variety of ways depending on the school.
This intelligence depends on:

  • Manners
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Memory
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Motor Skills
  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Social Skills

The course is broken down into six 90-minute sessions along with a 30-minute write up of your child’s progress. Each session is a comprehensive exercise in the K-readiness intelligence tests (see above). We build upon the child’s strengths while improving areas of weakness by creating specialized lesson plans that are tailored to the individual child’s needs to help them excel in their new environments.

P’s & Q’s gives your child the tools to succeed and impress. All the children who have completed the course have been successfully placed in top private schools in and around Los Angeles.

Tutoring for K-5th

Our expert tutors have studied pedagogy and understand the difficulties young children have in navigating a new academic environment. This makes them uniquely qualified in helping the way your child learns by applying different methods and techniques of teaching and delivering them in a one-on-one setting. Our tutors understand that creating good study habits at this time in a child’s life can be most important to their future success. This means that our tutors come with a variety of tools to help each child’s individual learning process. We provide in-home tutoring to families throughout the Los Angeles area


The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE®) is an admissions exam used for entry to many independent, private, and boarding schools in the United States. The ISEE® is developed and administered by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB).

The ISEE® has three levels:

Lower Level: for entrance into grades 5th and 6th
Middle Level: for entrance into grades 6th and 7th
Upper Level: for entrance into grades 9th-12th

All levels consist of five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Achievement, and an unscored 30-minute essay sent to the applicant’s school.

The ISEE® is intended to measure a student’s ability to learn as well as assesses a student’s strengths and weaknesses in mathematics and reading.

Other schools require a HSPT (High School Placement Test). The HSPT® is a comprehensive placement test for eighth graders for placement in Private High Schools.

Having worked with students across the world (many of our students are often being relocated from other states/countries), The Whitney Guide team is able to see where the student’s strength and weakness in testing lies. Our tutors work individually with these students to strengthen areas of weakness and to prepare them for the very important writing portion of the ISEE® and HSPT.

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